Xena Warrior Princess: Lyre, Lyre, Hearts On Fire (Picture Disc Vinyl)

Xena Warrior Princess: Lyre, Lyre, Hearts On Fire (Picture Disc Vinyl)

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The first-time vinyl release of the original soundtrack to Season 5’s beloved musical episode, “Lyre Lyre, Hearts on Fire,” includes songs sung by cast members—most notably Lucy Lawless, who plays the lead character of Xena: Warrior Princess.  The album includes Lucy Lawless’ versions of “People Got to Be Free,” “Sisters Are Doin’ It for Themselves,” “There’s Always Something There to Remind Me” and “War."  Available for the first time on LP, this double-sided picture disc comes in a clear sleeve with a full-color folded insert. 

The score portion of the soundtrack is attributed to Emmy®-winning composer Joseph LoDuca, who scored the entire Xena series. LoDuca’s career credits include two Emmy® Award wins from 11 nominations, as well as a César Nomination for the French film Brotherhood of the Wolf (2001). He’s also widely known for creating the music for the Evil Dead film series (including Army of Darkness), as well as the soundtracks for the highly rated syndicated TV series Hercules: The Legendary Journeys and more recently, The Librarians


Side One:

  1. “Sisters Are Doin’ It For Themselves” (Performed by Lucy Lawless and Gillian Iliana Waters) (2:47)
  2. “Dancing In The Moonlight” (Performed by Ted Raimi) (2:49)
  3. “We Can Work It Out” (Performed by Lucy Lawless and Renee O'Connor) (2:31)
  4. “Gettin’ Ready” (Performed by Lucy Lawless, Susan Wood, Tony Bishop and Grant Bridger with chorus) (3:01)
  5. “No Talent To Find” (Joseph LoDuca) (:57)
  6. “Spurned” (Joseph LoDuca) (1:12) 
  7. “Kick Out The Jams” (Performed by Jay Laga’aia) (3:27)
  8. “People Got To Be Free” (Performed by Lucy Lawless, Susan Wood, Ted Raimi, Gillian Iliana Waters and chorus) (3:10)


Side Two:

  1. “Throwing Kisses” (Joseph LoDuca) (1:40)
  2. “There’s Always Something There To Remind Me” (Performed by Jay Laga’aia) (2:58)
  3. “Xena Feeds Back” (Joseph LoDuca) (:25)
  4. “Xena Rap” (Performed by Lucy Lawless and Jay Laga’aia) (3:05)
  5. “At Long Last Lyre” (Joseph LoDuca) (2:07)
  6. “War” (Performed by Lucy Lawless, Susan Wood, Ted Raimi and Gillian Iliana Waters) (2:05)
  7. “Tara’s Dance” (Joseph LoDuca) (3:09)

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