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The music on Shameless tries to capture the individual, non-conformist nature of the Gallagher world. Most often the music isn’t playing as a piece that a character puts on the stereo to listen to, rather it plays more as score, as the soundtrack to a Gallagher life.

This first ever soundtrack to the hit Showtime television series Shameless was compiled by the series music Supervisor Ann Kline. Over the first three plus seasons the show has used well over 750 songs, but the tracks that were finally decided upon were mostly ones that, upon hearing immediately, conjure the feeling of the show. Be it the wild side with bands like: The Moog, The Wild Yaks, FidLAr, Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band, or the more heartbreaking side, with tracks like “Years” by JBM and “Hangman” by Chris Pureka. And, of course, the show’s theme song, “The Luck You Got" by The High Strung.


1. The Luck You Got • The High Strung (Main Title) (2:50)
2. Survive • The Moog (2:20)
3. Loved You All Along • La Strada (2:42)
4. Black Cloud • Choo Choo La Rouge (3:52)
5. Wait For The Man • Fidlar (1:49)
6. Something For Nothing • Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band (3:41)
7. Tomahawk • Wild Yaks (1:10)
8. Who's That Dude - Part One • Capital City (4:23)
9. Years • JBM (2:16)
10. Hangman • Chris Pureka (4:50)
11. The Usual Chords • Slow Runner(3:22) 
12. Three Days On End • Blood Relative (3:02)
13. Keep It Coming • Letters (3:01)
14. Written Down • David E. Sugar (3:11)

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