Smokey And The Bandit (Vinyl)

Smokey And The Bandit (Vinyl)

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Smokey And The Bandit - Vinyl

Music by Bill Justis & Jerry Reed

140 Gram Black vinyl

Widely available on vinyl for the first time in 25 years, the soundtrack to the classic Burt Reynolds film features massive hits from Country Music Hall of Fame inductee, Jerry Reed, including “East Bound and Down” and “The Bandit.” Jerry also provides much of the instrumental score alongside celebrated musician and composer, Bill Justis. The album additionally includes many memorable dialog tracks taken right from the movie featuring Reynolds, Reed and Jackie Gleason.


Side A:
1. The Legend • Jerry Reed (2:07) (Jerry Hubbard) 
2. Incidental CB Dialogue (Bandit & Snowman) (:30) 
3. West Bound and Down • Jerry Reed (2:45) (Jerry Hubbard / Dick Feller) 
4. Foxy Lady (2:51) (Bill Justis)
5. Incidental CB Dialogue (Bandit, Smokey & Snowman) (:56) 
6. Orange Blossom Special (2:41) (Ervin T. Rouse)
7. The Bandit (3:00) (Dick Feller) 
8. March of the Rednecks (2:23) (Bill Justis) 
9. If You Leave Me Tonight I’ll Cry (2:47) (Gerald Sanford / Hal Mooney) 
Side B:
1. East Bound And Down* (4:42)
   -- Incidental CB Dialogue Included 
2. The Bandit (2:48)
3. And The Fight Played On! (2:22)
4. Ma Cousin Plays Steel (3:11)
5. Hot Pants Fuzz Parade (4:48) 
6. Incidental CB Dialogue (1:05) 
7. The Bandit (Reprise:* (2:11)
* Vocals by Jerry Reed

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