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Keep On Keepin' On (Vinyl)

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Keep On Keepin' On (Vinyl)

Music by Various Artists

Limited Double Vinyl


Keep On Keepin' On is the soundtrack to the acclaimed film of the same name from seven time academy award® nominated producer Quincy Jones. The soundtrack is a virtual Best of Clark Terry collection, which features many of his most iconic recordings, including his performances with some of the all-time jazz greats: Duke Ellington, Oscar Peterson, Count Basie, and Quincy Jones. Also features select film dialogue and new compositions from Terry's protege, Justin Kauflin.




1. Dialog by Clark Terry/Letter to Justin/Exodus (Justin Kauflin) (5:12)
2. Brotherhood Of Man (Oscar Peterson Trio + One: Clark Terry) (3:31)
3. Candy (Clark Terry) (3:46)
4. Mumbles (Oscar Peterson Trio + One: Clark Terry) (2:02)
5. Dialog by Clark Terry and Justin Kauflin/Mood Indigo (Duke Ellington) (1:06)


1. Harlem Air Shaft (Duke Ellington and His Famous Orchestra) (3:53)
2. Dialog by Justin Kauflin and Clark Terry/Breeze (Blow My Baby Back To Me) (Clark Terry and Justin Kauflin) (1:46)
3. Grammys Lifetime (Dave Grusin) (:56)
4. Girl Talk (Clark Terry) (5:06)
5. If I Had You (Live) (Benny Carter) (2:14)
6.. Dreams Change (Justin Kauflin) (1:11)


1. Jazz Conversations (Clark Terry) (4:26)
2. Michelle (Clark Terry) (4:34)
3. Dialog by Justin Kauflin/My Biggest Enemy (Dave Grusin) (:45)
4. Jim (Oscar Peterson Trio + One: Clark Terry) (3:00)
5. Dialog by Clark Terry and Justin Kauflin/What The Hell Time Is It? (Dave Grusin) (1:52)
6. Darkest Hour (Justin Kauflin) (1:18)
7. Stardust (live in London) (Clark Terry Quintet) (3:45)


1. Blee Blop Blues (Normania) (The Count Basie Orchestra) (2:55)
2. Misty (Clark Terry) (5:32)
3. Dialog by/Farewell (Quincy Jones and Clark Terry) (:40)
4. I Remember Clifford (Quincy Jones) (3:45)
5. Dialog by Quincy Jones and Clark Terry/Letter To Justin (Justin Kauflin) (1:34)
6. For Clark/Serenade to a Bus Seat (Live) (Justin Kauflin) (4:20)

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