Matrix: The Complete Score (Digital Album)

Matrix: The Complete Score (Digital Album)

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Few blockbusters can claim to be as influential as The Matrix (1999), written and directed by the Wachowskis. From its super high-concept that has wormed its way into the public’s imagination (what if we’re all just living in a computer simulation?), to Keanu Reeves’ iconic hero Neo, to the brilliant, jaw-dropping and story-based visual effects, The Matrix delivered on all fronts. Its three films grossed over $1.6 billion worldwide, and a fourth is on the way.

The Matrix demanded a score that was as unique, sophisticated and imaginative as its concept and action—and got one from composer Don Davis. Davis, who scored the Wachowskis’ Bound (1996), reinvented the symphonic language of the action blockbuster by drawing on cutting-edge concert-hall minimalism and his own background as an avant-garde composer, while maintaining the energy, pace and density required of a studio action film.

From the clashing-brass “reflections,” to the racing strings, pounding percussion and flittering, repeating musical “cells,” the Matrix score fits hand-in-glove with the film’s concept of a computer-controlled reality—and offers a unique musical thumbprint that is recognizable sometimes only from a single note or chord. It is the rare commercial triumph that is also an artistic landmark.

The Matrix was released by Varèse Sarabande at the time of the film, and then in a Deluxe Edition that fit as much of the score as possible on one CD. By popular demand, this new expanded deluxe set, presents the complete score. 


Part One:
1. Logo / The Matrix Main Title (0:55)
2. Trinity Infinity (6:00)
3. Neo Con Brio (0:32)
4. Follow The White Rabbit (0:15)
5. Neo On The Edge (3:24)
6. Through The Surveillance Monitor (0:59)
7. Unable To Speak (1:14)
8. Bait And Switch (3:16)
9. Switched For Life (3:36)
10. Switched At Birth (2:43)
11. Switches Brew (2:27)
12. Cold Hearted Switch (1:40)
13. Nascent Nauseous Neo (4:00)
14. A Morpheus Moment (1:39)
15. Bow Whisk Orchestra (1:23)
16. Domo Showdown (1:13)
17. Switch Or Break Show (1:05)
18. Shake, Borrow, Switch (0:39)
19. Switch Works Her Boa (0:56)
20. Bring Me Dinner (0:39)
21. The System (0:37)
22. Freeze Face (1:52)
23. Switch Woks Her Boar (2:07)
24. Cypher Cybernetic (0:59)
25. Ignorance Is Bliss / Cyber Cyphernetic (1:51)
26. See Who? (0:26)

Part Two:
1. Switch Out (3:01)
2. Boon Spoy (1:08)
3. Oracle Cookies (1:30)
4. Threat Mix (6:05)
5. Exit Mr. Hat (2:57)
6. On Your Knees, Switch (4:43)
7. Mix The Art (2:10)
8. Whoa, Switch Brokers (4:01)
9. The Cure (1:35)
10. It’s The Smell (1:57)
11. The Lobby (0:27)
12. No More Spoons (1:02)
13. Dodge This (1:08)
14. Fast Learning (0:44)
15. Ontological Shock (4:16)
16. That’s Gotta Hurt (5:17)
17. Surprise (4:06)
18. He’s The One Alright (6:56)

Music Composed, Orchestrated and Conducted by DON DAVIS

Produced by DON DAVIS
Complete Edition Executive Producers: CARY E.MANSFIELD and CHAS FERRY
Mastered by CHAS FERRY

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