Orphan Black (Vinyl)

Orphan Black (Vinyl)

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Orphan Black - (Vinyl)

Music by Various Artists

Pop Soundtrack from the award winning TV Series Orphan Black. The soundtrack features key pop songs that helped create the sound of the show, (Matthew Dear, Foxygen, Merideth Brooks, Tears for Fears, The Troggs etc.) The album also includes the Orphan Black Theme by Two Fingers (alter-ego of electronic musician Amon Tobin). 



1. Theme From Orphan Black (Two Fingers) (:36)
2. Rain Of Gold (Young Empires) (3:16)
3. It Ain't You (The Ettes) (2:23)
4. Earthforms (Matthew Dear) (3:33)
5. Mon Ton Ton (Humans) (4:38)
6. Shuggie (Foxygen) (3:21)
7. Bitch (Merideth Brooks) (4:13)


1. Blame Fiction (The Belle Game) (3:51)
2. Live In The Bedroom (Tim Moxam) (4:53)
3. Head Over Heels (Tears For Fears) (4:15)
4. Crazy (Diana Salvatore) (3:14)
5. When I Was Abroad (Daniel Romano) (2:16)
6. West End Sky (Elliott Brood) (2:39)
7. Love Is All Around (The Troggs) (3:01)


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