Haunting, The: The Deluxe Edition (Digital Album)

Haunting, The: The Deluxe Edition (Digital Album)

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We celebrate Halloween this year with a Deluxe Edition of Jerry Goldsmith's classic score for the 1999 remake of The Haunting. We have been getting so much mail about this one and are so excited to finally bring it back, remastered and sounding better than ever, now over twice as long! What a theme! What a score!

This horror tale focuses on visitors to the secluded mansion of Hill House who have been called to the isolated location by Dr. David Marrow (Liam Neeson) as part of a study on insomnia. However, Marrow is really investigating fear, and he plans to scare the subjects, including the introverted Nell (Lili Taylor) and the seductive Theo (Catherine Zeta-Jones). Unfortunately for Marrow and everyone staying at Hill House, the manor is actually haunted by an evil spirit out to torment its guests. The Haunting was directed by Jan de Bont (Speed, Twister). 

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1. Afraid (:42)
2. A Place For Everything (3:15)
3. Hill House (:45)
4. First Look (1:36)
5. In The Dark (:54)
6. The Carousel (1:01)
7. The Yellow Light (1:16)
8. Nell’s Story (:49)
9. A Broken String (1:00)
10. Meetings (2:58)
11. Portraits (:42)
12. The Curtains (3:03)
13. Testing (1:37)
14. Noisy Fireplace (1:33)
15. Welcome Home Eleanor (1:50)
16. Green House Tale / Bloody Feet (3:49)
17. Crane’s Study (2:14)
18. Curly Hair (3:09)
19. The Picture Album (4:48)
20. What Am I Doing (2:20)
21. Out Of Bed (1:00)
22. Return To The Carousel / What Do You Want (4:08)
23. Twisted Stairs (1:01)
24. Terror In Bed / Nell’s Room (6:56)
25. Finally Home (9:19)
26. Theme From The Haunting / Home Safe (5:07)
27. Finally Home (Album Version) (6:16)

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