Harper Valley P.T.A. (CD)

Harper Valley P.T.A. (CD)

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The soundtrack to the film Harper Valley P.T.A., inspired by the #1 pop and country hit performed by Jeannie C. Riley, and written by Tom T. Hall ("The Year Clayton Delaney Died" and "Old Dogs, Children and Watermelon Wine"). The soundtrack features the original hit as well as songs by the film’s star Barbara Eden, as well as songs Jerry Lee Lewis and Johnny Cash. The score was composed by the Academy Award Winning arranger and conductor, Nelson Riddle.


1. Harper Valley P.T.A. (Tom T. Hall)
Performed by Jeannie C. Riley (3:13)
2. Dee’s Visit (Nelson Riddle) (2:09)
3. Mr. Harper (Tom T. Hall) Performed by Barbara Eden (2:24)
4. Alice’s Place (Nelson Riddle) (2:28)
5. High School Confidential (Ron Hargrove)
Performed by Jerry Lee Lewis (2:28)
6. Willie May (Nelson Riddle) (2:00)
7. Harper Valley P.T.A. Instrumental (Tom T. Hall) (1:55)
8. Widow Jones (Tom T. Hall) Performed by Barbara Eden (2:39)
9. Twin Tune (Nelson Riddle) (1:30)
10. Ballad Of A Teenage Queen (Jack Clement) (2:11)
Performed by Johnny Cash
11. Ice Cream Disco (Nelson Riddle) (1:46)
12. Whatever Happened To Charlie Brown (Ben Peters)
Performed by Rita Remington and Carol Channing (2:41)
13. Ending (Reprise: Harper Valley P.T.A.) (Nelson Riddle) (1:10)


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