A Walk in the Woods (CD)

A Walk in the Woods (CD)

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Walk in the Woods stars Robert Redford and Nick Nolte and is based on the best-selling book by Bill Bryson.   The Various Artist soundtrack is anchored by a new unreleased track from LORD HURON, and one from BLAKE MILLS, while also featuring 4 tracks from Lord Huron’s 2012 best-selling debut, Lonesome Dreams.  Various singer-songwriter tracks and two new Nathan Larson score suites, fill out the rest of the album with highlights from Dwight Yoakam, Great Lake Swimmers and Shovels & Rope.



1. Mud – Composed by Nathan Larson (3:12)
2. Dead End Street – (Performed by Blake Mills) (3:19)
3. The Birds Are Singing At Night – (Performed by Lord Huron) (5:01)
4. Tickin’ Bomb – (Performed by Shovels & Rope) (3:44)
5. Crop Comes In – (Performed by Chatham County Line) (4:23)
6. The Lake – (Performed by Tim Grimm) (4:44)
7. The Ghost On The Shore – (Performed by Lord Huron) (4:46)
8. I Don’t Care (Just As Long As You Love Me) – (Performed by Dwight Yoakam) (2:15)
9. Kissed Me Like Thunder – (Performed by Friends Of Lola) (3:02)
10. She Lit A Fire – (Performed by Lord Huron) (4:07)
11. Think That You Might Be Wrong – (Performed by Great Lake Swimmers) (4:15)
12. So Many Stars – Composed by Nathan Larson (5:21)
13. Brother (Last Ride) – (Performed by Lord Huron) (4:36)
14. Ends Of The Earth – (Performed by Lord Huron) (4:32)

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