City Hall - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack - Deluxe Edition CD

City Hall - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack - Deluxe Edition CD

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City Hall was a well-regarded 1996 suspense drama exploring crime and corruption in New York City. After a child is killed by a stray bullet, the city’s idealistic deputy mayor (John Cusack) is determined to find out how the criminal involved was still on the streets. But his investigation unearths a web of sleaze and payoffs that leaves no part of the city untouched—including his boss, the mayor (Al Pacino).


Varèse Sarabande’s long-awaited Deluxe Edition debuts a 16-track, 34-minute program of the score as heard in the film itself; a 6-track, 10-minute selection of previously unreleased alternates; and the 12-track, 30-minute sequence of the original 1996 Varèse Sarabande CD.


1 The Bridge (Film Version)
2 The Meet (Film Version)
3 The Hospital
4 Find Vinnie
5 The Funeral
6 When I Was A Kid (Film Version)
7 The Cabin
8 The King Maker (Film Version)
9 Call Me / Dead In The Water
10 Schwartz Is Dead (Film Version)
11 Old Friends (Film Version)
12 Think About It
13 The Report
14 About The Mayor
15 Take A Vacation (Film Version)
16 Count On It / End Credits Suite


17 The Hospital (Alternate)
18 The Funeral (Alternate)
19 The Cabin (Alternate)
20 The King Maker (Alternate)
21 Take A Vacation (Alternate)
22 Count On It (Alternate)


23 The Bridge
24 The Meet
25 The Hospital
26 When I Was A Kid
27 The Cabin
28 The King Maker
29 Old Friends
30 Swartz Is Dead
31 Think About It
32 The Report
33 Take A Vacation
34 Count On It

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