The Fast And The Furious: Tokyo Drift (2-LP)

The Fast And The Furious: Tokyo Drift (2-LP)

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The Fast and the Furious is the most successful movie franchise of all time, with almost 6.5 billion dollars in box office receipts from ten films over the past 20 years. Tokyo Drift is often cited as one of the best of the lot, and the musical score is definitely one of the most lauded among score fans. Brian Tyler (Scream, Thor, Avengers) scored Tokyo Drift (with an assist from Slash on “Welcome to Tokyo”) and went on to the score four of the five subsequent films. This double album with original artwork features an orange LP for sides A and B, and a black vinyl record for sides C and D, with side D a stencil of the scarab beetle design from the car belonging to the Drift King.


Side A:
1. Touge 
2. The Fast And The Furious: Tokyo Drift 
3. Saucin’ 
4. Neela Drifts 
5. Preparation 
6. N2O
7. Mustang Nismo 
8. Underground 

Side B:
1. Hot Fuji 
2. This Is My Mexico 
3. Welcome To Tokyo (written by Slash and Brian Tyler) 
4. DK VS Han 
5. Downtown Tokyo Chase 
6. Aftermath 
7. Empty Garage 
8. DK’s Revenge 
9. Journey Backwards
10. Sumo 
11. Sean’s Crazy Idea 
12. Dejection 

Side C:
1. Kamata 
2. Two Guns
3. I Gotta Do This
4. Megaton
5. Neela Confronts DK
6. Winner ... Gets ... Me 
7. War Theory 
8. I Don’t Need You To Save Me 
9. Neela 
10. Symphonic Touge 

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