The Cowboys (Gold 2-LP)

The Cowboys (Gold 2-LP)

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This 50th anniversary release celebrates John Wayne and one of his finest twilight westerns with a score composed by the living legend, John Williams. The Cowboys was the maestro’s biggest pre-Star Wars score, and a much-needed restoration job—featuring a complete rebuild, remix, remastering and expansion to 36 tracks (including unearthed alternate takes)—was done for a 3,000-unit, limited-edition CD re-issue that came out in 2018 and has since sold out. The first-ever official LP release, this double-record gatefold includes extensive notes and original photos and is pressed on gold vinyl.



Side A
1. Overture
2. The Cowboys – Main Title 
3. The Hands Quit
4. The Boys 
5. Wil And Ann 
6. The Kids And Crazy Alice 
7. Graveyard 
8. Anybody That Tall
9. Training Montage 
10. Long Hair And The Roundup 
11. Nightlinger’s Tale 

Side B
2. To Belle Fourche
3. The First Night 
4. Burning Daylight 
5. Learning The Ropes (Vivaldi Concerto in D) 
6. Sour Mash 
7. Mrs. Collingwood’s Girls 
8. Long Hair’s Threat 
9. Entr’acte 
10. Afraid Of The Dark 
11. Charlie’s Demise 
12. Charlie’s Burial 

Side C
1. Long Hair Trails 
2. Long Hair And Dan 
3. Summer’s Over 
4. Drums Of Manhood And The Execution 
5. Into The Trap
6. The Battle
7. End Title And End Cast

Side D
1. Entr’acte (Segment) 
2. Nightlinger’s Tale (Alternate) 
3. Long Hair’s Threat (Alternate) 
4. The Execution (Alternate) 
5. Into The Trap (Alternate) 
6. End Title And End Cast (Alternate) 
7. Exit Music 

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