Mimic (Green LP)

Mimic (Green LP)

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Mimic was Guillermo del Toro’s first big budget English language film and the second film composed by Marco Beltrami who had just completed his work on the original Scream. This soundtrack has never been released on vinyl and features fantastic new original artwork that uses a bespoke triptych jacket design to mimic the transformation of the Judas Breed. Pressed on green vinyl.


Side A:
1. Main Title 
2. Race To The Subway 
3. Time To Separate 
4. Chuy Steps Out 
5. Manny Searches For His Son 
6. Slow Tango 
7. Chased By A Bug 

Side B:
1. Susan Meets Chuy 
2. Faulty Scaffolding 
3. Manny's Tango 
4. Evil Among Us 
5. Confronting Terror 
6. The Lucistic's Alive 
7. Reunited 
8. End Credits 
9. La Cucaracha 


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