How To Train Your Dragon 2 2-LP

How To Train Your Dragon 2 2-LP

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Presented across two LPs in a gatefold jacket, this collectible edition of How to Train Your Dragon 2 is pressed on red multi-color splatter vinyl and follows RSD 2021’s green multi-color splatter pressing of the first How to Train Your Dragon soundtrack. In addition to extensive liner notes featuring interviews with composer John Powell and director Dean DuBois, this exclusive version features the film’s theme song, “Where No One Goes” (performed by Jónsi).


Side A
1. Dragon Racing
2. Together We Map the World
3. Hiccup’s the Chief / Drago’s Coming
4. Tooothless Lost
5. Should I Know You?

Side B
1. Valka’s Dragon Sanctuary
2. Losing Mom / Meet the Good Alpha
3. Meet Drago
4. Stoick Finds Beauty
5. Flying with Mother

Side C
1. For the Dancing and the Dreaming
2. Battle of the Bewilderbeast
3. Hiccup Confronts Drago
4. Stoick Saves Hiccup
5. Stoick’s Ship

Side D
1. Alpha Comes to Berk
2. Toothless Found
3. Two New Alphas
4. Where No One Goes
5. Into a Fantasy

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