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French composer Bruno Coulais (Winged Migration and The Chorus) is without a doubt, a musical genius, and Microcosmos is one of the best examples of his work. The music is very mysterious, a bit eerie and yet very sweet. The film Microcosmos, is a documentary of detailed insect interactions in meadows and ponds all set to his score.

The title track Microcosmos sounds like a cross between a typical English or Welsh choir song, something along the lines of the surreal musical tunes created by Danny Elfman for Nightmare Before Christmas and The Corpse Bride.


1. Microcosmos (2:10)
2. The Bee And The Flowers (L’abeille & les fleurs) (2:10)
3. The Ladybird (La coccinelle) (2:06)
4. Snail-Love (L’amour des escargots) (2:16)
5. The Warm Hour (L’heure chaude) (4:56)
6. The Sacred Beetle And The Pheasant (Le scarabée sacré & le faisan) (3:41)
7. Skidding (Les patineuses) (1:56)
8. Under A Veil Of Water (Sous le voile de l’eau) (2:56)
9. Thunderstorm (L’orage) (3:02)
10. Carnivorous Plant (La plante carnivore) (1:48)
11. The Fight Of Stag-Beetles (Le combat des lucanes) (3:15)
12. Night (La nuit) (2:54)
13. The Metamorphosis (La métamorphose) (3:04)
14. Dream’s End (La fin du rêve) (4:22)

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