John Williams Receives A.F.I. Award

John Williams will receive the A.F.I. Lifetime Achievement Award tonight on TNT as the American Film Institute honors a composer for the first time in their 40 plus year history.

John Williams has scored, for many of us our childhoods, whether it be the iconic two-note motif in JAWS or the clever five-note motif in CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD KIND. His music in the legedendary STAR WARS & HARRY POTTER & INDIANA JONES franchises is, to put it mildly, historic and some of the best film music ever written for films. John Williams helped a little boy fly over the moon in E.T. He also gave a musical voice to the millions who were silenced during the holocaust in his moving Oscar nominated score for SCHINDLER'S LIST. We have been so honored to have released so much of your music whether it be original soundtracks or re-recordings of some of your most loved themes.

Thank you John for the decades of high quality music you've given the world.

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