5 Questions with Trevor Rabin!

One of Varese's favorite composers gets the "5 Questions" treatment as Trevor Rabin discusses his work on the Soundtrack to the TV show, 12 Monkeys.  The album will release on July 31st. 

1. Describe your latest soundtrack on Varese?

The 12 Monkey score which I'm doing with my long time assistant Paul Linford, is a hybrid score of ethnic sounds, orchestra, and electronic, with a strong theme base.

2. Did the showrunner/producer/director give you any interesting instructions or feedback to help you create the tonal palate for the series?

Terry Matals had a strong input as to the vibe of the music, he's very clear, very musical, and cool to work with.

3. What influence did the original movie have on you (or did you completely try not to reference it in any way)?

We went a completely different way and did our own thing. Really, we did what the picture called for.

4. What other albums of yours were released on Varese? 

My most recent release was an instrumental rock/fusion instrumental called "Jacaranda." Lou Molino, Vinnie Colaiuta, Ryan Rabin are on drums, Tal Winkenfeld and myself on bass, Liz Constantine on vocals. I play the rest of the instruments, and I have never been so proud of an album, it was very inspiring. Varase have also released much of my music from films.

5. What kind of ensemble did you use to record the score?  Did you use any interesting or unusual instrumentation or soloists who deserve a shout-out?

On 12 Monkeys, I played a lot of the instruments, as did Paul. A big help was Lou Molino on percussion, using weird and sometimes ethnic instruments which gives the music a far more organic feel.


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