Zelly And Me (Varèse Encore) (CD)

Zelly And Me (Varèse Encore) (CD)

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So happy to present an Encore Edition of Pino Donaggio’s touching and beautiful score for Zelly and Me (1988).  Donaggio is the great composer of classics such as Dressed To Kill, Carrie, Body Double and Blow Out.  We hear a very different Donaggio here, gentle, wistful, innocent and very moving.  Most definitely a must for the composer’s fans, it is one of his loveliest works for the movies.  It has been out of print for decades.  Don’t miss the Encore Edition return of Pino Donaggio’s Zelly and Me.

A loving nanny (Isabella Rossellini) tries to protect an orphan (Alexandra Johnes) from her stern, possessive grandmother (Glynis Johns) in 1958 Virginia.

Limited Edition of 1000 copies


1. Phoebe And St. Joan (2:18)
2. In The Hammock (1:38)
3. Preparing For The Wedding (1:30)
4. Waddles And Queenie (1:09)
5. Why Was Joan Burned? (:53)
6. Wedding Of Waddles And Queenie (2:34)
7. Zelly And Willie (4:30)
8. Phoebe Comes Home (:57)
9. Phoebe Feeling Lonely (1:57)
10. Talk To Me (1:18)
11. Eagle House (2:15)
12. Coco (1:00)
13. Zelly (1:02)
14. The Birth Of Socky (1:31)
15. I Want To Be With You (1:15)
16. This Is Who I Am (2:06)
17. The Locked Bedroom (1:31)
18. Zelly And Me (4:33)

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