Very Best Of Peter Cetera, The (CD)

Very Best Of Peter Cetera, The (CD)

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The first complete Peter Cetera hits compilation ever to feature all his biggest hits, and in their original single versions. #1 songs include “Glory of Love” and “The Next Time I Fall” with Amy Grant.  This collection is timed to celebrate his induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and the Songwriters Hall of Fame, along with his former band Chicago. Cetera was responsible for writing some of their most memorable songs, and both Cetera and Chicago remain extremely popular touring acts.


1. On The Line [Single Version] (3:40)
(Peter Cetera)
Full Moon single 50052, 1982; Full Moon single 28662(B)
From the album, Peter Cetera, Full Moon 3624, 1981
Produced by Peter Cetera

2. The Glory Of Love* (Theme from The Karate Kid Part II) (4:20)
(Peter Cetera / David Foster / Diane Nini)
Full Moon single 28662, Pop #1, A/C #1, 1986

3. Daddy’s Girl* (3:46)
(Peter Cetera / Mark Goldenberg)
Full Moon/Warner Bros. [Japan] single 2301(B), 1987

4. Stay With Me [Single Version] (4:35)
(Bobby Caldwell / John Parker)
Full Moon/Warner Bros. [Japan] single 2301, 1987
From the original motion picture soundtrack, Princess Of The Moon, Warner [Japan] 13555, 1986
Produced by Peter Cetera and Bobby Caldwell

5. The Next Time I Fall* [Single Remix] (Peter Cetera with Amy Grant) (3:46)
(Bobby Caldwell / Paul Gordon)
Full Moon single 28597, Pop #1, A/C #1, 1986

6. Big Mistake* [Single Version] (4:20)
(Peter Cetera / Amos Galpin)
Full Moon single 28507, Pop #61, 1987

7. Only Love Knows Why* [Single Version] (3:59)
(Peter Cetera / George Bitzer / Michael Omartian)
Full Moon single 28383, A/C #24, 1987; Full Moon single 27712(B)

8. One Good Woman† [Single Version] (4:06)
(Peter Cetera / Patrick Leonard)
Full Moon single 27824, Pop #4, A/C #1, 1988

9. Best Of Times† (4:13)
(Peter Cetera / Patrick Leonard)
Full Moon single 27712, Pop #59, A/C #22, 1988

10. After All (Love Theme From Chances Are) [Radio Version] (Cher and Peter Cetera) (3:30)
(Dean Pitchford / Tom Snow)
Geffen single 27529, Pop #6, A/C #1, 1989
Produced by Peter Asher
Associate Producer: Frank Wolf

11. Save Me† (Theme From Baywatch) (4:23)
(Peter Cetera / David Foster)

12. Even A Fool Can See‡ (4:31)
(Peter Cetera / Mark Goldenberg)
Warner Bros. single 18561, A/C #2, 1993
Produced by David Foster and Peter Cetera

13. Feels Like Heaven‡ [Single Version] (Peter Cetera Duet with Chaka Khan) (3:55)
(Mark Goldenberg / Kit Hain)
Warner Bros. single 18651, Pop #71, A/C #5, 1992

14. Restless Heart‡ (4:09)
(Peter Cetera / Andy Hill)
Warner Bros. single 18897, Pop #35, A/C #1, 1992

*From the album Solitude/Solitaire, Full Moon/Warner Bros. 25474, 1986
Produced by Michael Omartian
†From the album One More Story, Warner Bros. 25704, 1988
Produced by Patrick Leonard and Peter Cetera
‡From the album, World Falling Down, Warner Bros. 26894, 1992
Produced by Andy Hill and Peter Cetera


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