Very Best Of Bobby Sherman (CD)

Very Best Of Bobby Sherman (CD)

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In the late 60s and early 70s, pop acts like David Cassidy, The Monkees and Donny Osmond all reaped the rewards of having the catchy tunes and Pepsodent smiles that made them marketing men's dreams. And no one had more white-hot success during this period than Bobby Sherman. Five gold albums, four gold singles, a hit television show...all within less than three years. Here Come The Brides gave him a hit TV show in 1968 and "Little Woman" in 1969 made him a pop star. Based on the film Seven Brides For Seven Brothers, TV's Brides debuted on ABC on September 25, 1968, and featured Bobby in the role of Jeremy Bolt, the youngest in a gang of brothers working at a Washington logging camp. Fan reaction was immediate and wild. Magazines like Tiger Beat and 16 fell all over themselves trying to cover every minute of the freshly minted superstar's life. The media went into hyperdrive. Clothes Bobby wore made news. When he changed his hairstyle, it was an event. If he was seen with a girl, it was good for months of fanzine speculation. Then there were the magazines' popular contests. “Win Bobby's Shirt!” “A Date With Bobby!” “Bobby Sherman's Dream Girl Contest!” At one point, fan mail addressed to Bobby Sherman reached a staggering 25,000 letters per week.



1. Little Woman (2:22)
2. Sounds Along The Way (2:26)
3. La La La (If I Had You) (2:43)
4. Seattle (3:26)
5. Easy Come, Easy Go (2:41)
6. Hey, Mister Sun (2:32)
7. Julie, Do Ya Love Me? (2:56)
8. Cried Like A Baby (3:20)
9. The Drum (2:19)
10. Bubblegum And Braces (2:07)
11. Waiting At The Bus Stop (2:04)
12. Jennifer (2:36)
13. Getting Together (1:57)
14. Together Again (2:24)
15. (She Let’s Her Hair Down) Early In The Morning (2:35)
16. Mr. Sucess (2:06)
17. Our Last Song Together (3:53)
18. Goin’ Home (Sing A Song Of Christmas Cheer) (3:15)

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