Thief Of Hearts (CD)

Thief Of Hearts (CD)

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The soundtrack to the 1984 cult film, Thief Of Hearts.  The film stars Steven Bauer and David Caruso and produced by the team of Bruckheimer and Simpson.  The soundtrack is a mix of the original score by Harold Faltermeyer (best known for his work on Beverly Hills Cop and Fletch) and features songs by Melissa Manchester, E.G. Daily, Annabella Lewin of Bow Wow Wow and Joe Esposito.  The soundtrack includes three bonus tracks and is available for the first time on CD in North America.


1. Thief Of Hearts • Melissa Manchester
2. Love In The Shadows • E.G. Daily
3. Stolen Secrets • Harold Faltermeyer
4. Tear Me Up • Darwun Hastings
5. Love Theme From ‘Thief Of Hearts’ • Harold Faltermeyer
6. Just Imagine (Way Beyond Fear) • Beth Anderson & Joe ‘Bean’ Esposito
7. Passion Play • Annabella Lwin
8. Thief Of Hearts • Harold Faltermeyer
9. Collage • Harold Faltermeyer
10. Final Confrontation (Instrumental) • Harold Faltermeyer

Bonus Tracks:
11. Love In The Shadows (Single Version) • E.G. Daily
12. Thief Of Hearts (Dance Mix) • Melissa Manchester
13. Love In The Shadows (Special Remixed Version) • E.G. Daily

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