Cretones, The: Thin Red Line (CD)

Cretones, The: Thin Red Line (CD)

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The Cretones’ power pop album, Thin Red Line, was the debut release from a band of seasoned L.A. musicians, featuring Mark Goldenberg, Peter Bernstein, Steve Beers and Steve Leonard. Originally released in the spring of 1980, the album has been out of print for more than 30 years and has never been available on CD. The album includes three previously unreleased bonus tracks. Three Mark Goldenberg songs from Thin Red Line were recorded by Linda Ronstadt for her Mad Love album, including the title track.


1. Real Love (3:12)
2. Everybody's Mad At Katherine (3:23)
3. I Can't Wait (2:52)
4. Justine (4:06)
5. Mad Love (3:43)
6. Cost Of Love (2:58)
7. Thin Red Line (3:12)
8. Ways Of The Heart (4:02)
9. Mrs. Peel (3:08)
10. Here Comes The Wave (3:27)

Bonus Tracks:
11. Mood Vertigo - Recorded in 1980 at Studio 55
12. Quit It - Recorded in 1980 at Studio 55
13. Taking The World with Kisses - Recorded in 1981 at Capitol Records Studio B, and Rumbo Recorders Mixed by Andrew Gold.

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