Terminal Tower (Vinyl)

Terminal Tower (Vinyl)

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Terminal Tower An Archival Collection - (Vinyl)

Music by Pere Ubu


Terminal Tower is #23 on Rolling Stone’s Top 40 Punk Albums of all-time and one of the only remaining punk rock gems yet to return to vinyl.  This collection of non-LP and B-sides is long out of print in both CD and LP and interestingly has never been released digitally.  Releasing 16 albums over a 40+ year career and continuously helmed by singer/songwriter, David Thomas, the band has been one of the foundations of Avant Garde and Punk Rock in the U.S. and overseas. 




1. Heart Of Darkness (4:44)
2. 30 Seconds Over Tokyo (6:19)
3. Final Solution (4:57)
4. Cloud 149 (2:37)
5. Untitled (3:28)


1. My Dark Ages (4:00)
2. Heaven (3:05)
3. Humor Me (3:01)
4. The Book Is On The Table (4:08)
5. Not Happy (3:26)
6. Lonesome Cowboy Dave (1:53)

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