Peasall Sisters: First Offering (CD)

Peasall Sisters: First Offering (CD)

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The Peasall Sisters solo debut combines a pair of Carter Family standards with a ten songs of faith, including gospel, hymns and contemporary Christian tunes. The sisters voices shine especially bright on the traditional tunes, backed in acoustic arrangements by some of Nashville's finest studio players. Even when backing themselves on the Carter Family tunes, the sisters' rudimentary guitar (Sarah) and mandolin (Hannah) provide a rootsy, if sometimes plodding, beauty.


1. When God Dips His Pen Of Love In My Heart (3:55)
2. Keep On The Sunny Side (2:12)
3. Jump (2:56)
4. Amazing Grace (2:36)
5. I’m That Sparrow (2:22)
6. Carter’s Blues (2:55)
7. Jewels (3:17)
8. I’m Ready To Go (2:18)
9. Just Two Small Coins (3:01)
10. God Put A Rainbow In The Clouds (2:46)
11. Jesus Laughing (3:43)
12. He Leadeth Me (2:28)

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