Orphan Black: DNA Sampler (CD)

Orphan Black: DNA Sampler (CD)

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The Orphan Black DNA Sampler soundtrack compiles a collection of songs heard in the five-year run of this beloved television series. The album features music by The Ettes, The Belle Game, Riff Raff, (International) Noise Conspiracy, Dr. V featuring Ted Hawkins as well as exclusive tracks created especially for the show.


1. Theme from Orphan Black (Two Fingers) (0:36)
2. Bodyline (Peaches feat. Nick Zinner) (2:34)
3. Smash It Up (The (International) Noise Conspiracy) (3:12)
4. Prêt a Porter (Emilie Mover) (2:50)
5. Blame Fiction (The Belle Game) (3:51)
6. I Fought The Law (Dr. V featuring Ted Hawkins) (1:58)
7. (Die stiefel sind zum wander) These Boots Are Made For Walking (Eileen) (2:33)
8. Warriors (Arya) (3:11)
9. Farewell (Tavern in the Town) (Self-Titled Studios featuring Mary Margaret O'Hara) (2:22)
10. Tosta Mista (Hooded Fang) (3:52)
11. Go (Grimes featuring Blood Diamonds) (4:00)
12. Calling Me (YDID Mix) (Stacey) (4:46)
13. It Ain't You (The Ettes) (2:23)
14. Old School Punk Rockers (The Lucky Ones featuring Mike McNeal) (3:38)
15. Wouldn't It Be Nice (Trevor Yuile featuring Stacey Y) (1:44)


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