Mother And Child (CD)

Mother And Child (CD)

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Writer/director Rodrigo García (Nine Lives) teams with executive producer Alejandro González Iñárritu to craft MOTHER AND CHILD, a drama highlighting the powerful bond between a mother and her son. It's been years since Karen (Annette Bening) gave her daughter, Elizabeth, up for adoption, and the decision to abandon her child has always haunted her. Upon meeting laid-back Paco (Jimmy Smits), Karen permits her anxiety and mistrust to get the best of her. On the surface it appears that Elizabeth (Naomi Watts) is none the worse for never knowing her biological mother; she's a fast-talking lawyer who's just landed a high-profile job at a firm fronted by Paul (Samuel L. Jackson), though her unsavory penchant for exploiting others is about to blow up in her face.

Composer Edward Shearmur, known for his scores for Reign Of Fire, Charlie’s Angels and Miss Congeniality, proves equally adept at providing a sympathetic and touching musical palette for MOTHER AND CHILD.



1. Little One - (Performed by Lucy Schwartz) (3:11)
2. Karen (2:13)
3. A Dream (1:32)
4. Nora Takes A Turn (1:50)
5. Elizabeth (4:19)
6. Elizabeth And Paul (3:11)
7. A Kind Word (:37)
8. Paco (2:29)
9. A Wedding (:55)
10. Elizabeth Alone (4:40)
11. Elizabeth’s Letter (2:56)
12. Mother And Child (:48)
13. Ray Keeps The Baby (1:54)
14. The Letter Is Found (2:06)
15. A Waltz For Karen (3:05)
16. Karen’s Letter (4:26)

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