Mimesis: Night Of The Living Dead (CD)

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What begins as a horror convention after-party for a group of fans will quickly become a genuine flesh-and-blood nightmare: Trapped inside an isolated farmhouse, they must now survive attacks by hordes of hungry zombies while desperately attempting to escape. But is this gore-soaked siege a twisted prank, an elaborate trap, or has Night Of The Living Dead actually come to undead life? Sid Haig (The Devil’s Rejects) and Courtney Gains (Children Of The Corn) star in this award-winning shocker from co-writer/director Douglas Schulze that walks the razor sharp line between edgy homage and depraved reality … then proceeds to rip its guts out.

One of the very best horror scores in years, Diego Navarro knows what scares you! Epic writing for orchestra, choir and soprano soloist. Great stuff! This is the kind of film score we ALL wish was more common these days! Masterful writing! Thankfully the incredible maestro from Tenerife comes to our rescue! We are thrilled to offer this special edition of Diego Navarro's stunning and powerful score for MIMESIS!

Limited Edition of 1000 copies


1. Main Title (5:28)
2. The Farm (4:46)
3. Opening Titles (1:10)
4. Party At Night (2:07)
5. Zombie Attack (The Zombie Dance) (2:54)
6. Seriously Injured (2:14)
7. The Haunted House (3:21)
8. Evil Feelings (3:07)
9. A Horrible Feast (3:24)
10. Revealing The Truth (3:21)
11. Caught In The House (2:07)
12. The Plan (1:58)
13. Night Breakout (6:37)
14. There Is Nothing We Can Do (4:01)
15. They Are Coming (4:40)
16. The Renegade (2:14)
17. You Knew It All Along (3:01)
18. The Chase (1:23)
19. The Devil’s Kiss (3:18)
20. A Sad Ending (2:42)
21. The Movies Made Me Do It! (4:27)

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