Mambo Kings, The (CD)

Mambo Kings, The (CD)

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The Mambo Kings, starring Antonio Banderas and Armand Assante, opened up a new audience to the joy and diversity of Cuban music. This best-selling soundtrack features many big names from the world of Latin jazz and Salsa music, including songs by Arturo Sandoval, Celia Cruz, Tito Puente, Mambo All-Stars, Beny More as well as Linda Ronstadt, Antonio Banderas and Los Lobos. The album has been completely remastered using superior music sources.


1. La Dicha Mia (Celia Cruz) (3:20)
2. Ran Kankan (Tito Puente) (3:00)
3. Cuban Pete (Tito Puente) (2:25)
4. Mambo Caliente (Arturo Sandoval) (3:28)
5. Quiereme Mucho (Linda Ronstadt) (3:25)
6. Sunny Ray (Mambo All-Stars) (2:37)
7. MelaoDeCaña (Moolalah) (Celia Cruz) (2:53)
8. Beautiful Maria Of My Soul (Bella Maria De Mi Alma) (Mambo All-Stars featuring Antonio Banderas) (4:12)
9. Para Los Rumberos (Tito Puente) (1:51)
10. Perfidia (Linda Ronstadt) (3:48)
11. Guantanamera (Celia Cruz) (3:05)
12. Tea for Two (Mambo All-Stars) (2:33)
13. Accidental Mambo (Mambo All-Stars) (1:22)
14. Como Fue (Beny More) (2:55)
15. Tanga. Rumba-Afro-Cubana (Mambo All-Stars) (3:30)
16. Beautiful Maria Of My Soul (Los Lobos) (4:31)

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