Impressions Of America

Impressions Of America (CD)

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2013 certainly seems set to be a year of exciting celebrations! We are so excited to announce our latest release by one of film music’s greatest and most successful composers ... the great Patrick Doyle!

Doyle’s film scores include such blockbusters as Brave, Harry Potter and The Goblet Of Fire, Rise of the Planet of the Apes, Thor, Bridget Jones’s Diary, Henry V and so many others! Doyle is a Scotsman who has been coming to America for many years now to bring his incredible music to Hollywood. These many trips have now inspired their own musical work and Doyle has composed a symphonic piece consisting of fifteen impressions. Patrick Doyle’s IMPRESSIONS OF AMERICA is a nostalgic look at America ... its landscapes, its traditions, and its people.

Scored for full symphony orchestra, we release Patrick Doyle’s IMPRESSIONS OF AMERICA to celebrate the composer’s 60th birthday in April of 2013.


1. Washington DC (2:07)
2. Pumpkin Pie (1:40)
3. Christmas In New York (3:15)
4. Transcontinental Railroad (3:07)
5. The Great Depression (3:16)
6. Mount Rushmore (2:31)
7. Prairie Sunrise (2:57)
8. Winter In Alaska (3:46)
9. Decaying City (1:55)
10. Yosemite (3:51)
11. Death Valley (4:03)
12. Rushing Rapids (3:55)
13. The Great Plains (2:47)
14. Old Glory (1:22)
15. Thanksgiving (2:30)

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