I Am Legend (CD)

I Am Legend (CD)

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A virus that was created for the purpose of battling cancer and it's administered to those with cancer and it looked promising. But a few years later it would mutate into plague that kills most of the people on earth or turns them into creatures, There are a few who are immune. Among them is military scientist, Robert Neville who has spent the last three years after the plague decimated humanity trying to find a cure. But he is losing hope until two others who are also immune show up.  

James Newton Howard (The Green Lantern, Signs) who is no stranger to the sci-fi element adds an extra ingredient into an already fun ride at the movies.


1. My Name Is Robert Neville (2:51)
2. Deer Hunting (1:17)
3. Evacuation (4:27)
4. Scan Her Again (1:42)
5. Darkseeker Dogs (2:17)
6. Sam’s Gone (1:48)
7. Talk To Me (:56)
8. The Pier (5:17)
9. Can They Do That? (2:09)
10. I’m Listening (2:10)
11. The Jagged Edge (5:16)
12. Reunited (7:50)
13. I’m Sorry (2:22)
14. Epilogue (4:13)

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