How to Train your Dragon (RSD 2 LP)

How to Train your Dragon (RSD 2 LP)

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How to Train Your Dragon was composer John Powell’s first solo score for a DreamWorks animated feature and earned him his first Academy Award® nomination. Powell took the Viking milieu literally and started researching Scandinavian folk tunes and musical traditions, which he says are “wonderfully cold and warm at the same time.” Icelandic singer/songwriter Jónsi, of the celebrated band Sigur Rós, is featured on “Sticks and Stones.” A truncated 11-track LP was part of Record Store Day in 2016, but this is the first-ever pressing of the complete original soundtrack release. The 25-track album is expanded to two multicolored green splatter LPs and housed in a gatefold jacket.



Side A 
1. This is Berk
2. Dragon Battle 
3. The Downed Dragon
4. Dragon Training 
5. Wounded 
6. The Dragon Book
7. Focus, Hiccup!

Side B
1. Forbidden friendship
2. New Tail
3. See You Tomorrow
4. Test Drive
5. Not so Fireproof
6. This time for sure
7. Astrid Goes for a Spin
8. Romantic Flight

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