Equinox (CD)

Equinox (CD)

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Henry Petosa and Freddy Ace are twins who were separated being babies, and they do not know each other. Henry was adopted by a honest man, while Freddy becomes a gangster. Henry is very shy and has a lot of mental troubles. The film melts the two stories by a young writer who discovers that they were sons of an european noble and they own a large inheritance

The imaginable soundtrack to this intriguing 1992 film was composed by Terje Rypdal.


1.  Mystery Man (4:38)
2.  Milonga Del Angel (6:34)
3.  Al Bine (6:18)
4.  Left Alone (7:51)
5.  Mirage (9:13)
6.  Istoria Ne Edna Lyubov (4:17)
7.  Symphonic Dances (5:34)
8.  Once Upon A Time (6:10)

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