Sixth Sense, The (Vinyl)

Sixth Sense, The (Vinyl)

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The Sixth Sense

Music by James Newton Howard

Limited to 500 copies and hand numbered!

Website exclusive! 


"I see dead people." We all remember that creepy scene when the little boy whispers to Bruce Willis's character in M. Night Shyamalan's classic The Sixth Sense. Now you can relive all those scary musical moments in James Newton Howard's very effective score.  First time on vinyl!



1. Run To The Church (1:24)
2. De Profundis (2:23)
3. Mind Reading (2:45)
4. Photographs (:55)
5. Suicide Ghost (1:34)
6. Malcolms Story / Cole's Secret (4:02)


1. Hanging Ghosts (2:33)
2. Tape Of Vincent (3:30)
3. Help The Ghosts / Kyra's Ghost (4:29)
4. Kyra's Tape (2:02)
5. Malcolm Is Dead (4:45)

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