1985 At The Movies (CD)

1985 At The Movies (CD)

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The 1980s were a fun, exciting time in pop culture ... and especially at the movies! 1985 in particular was a cultural lynchpin for a whole generation. We traveled through time in Back to the Future, hunted for treasure with The Goonies and hung with friends in St. Elmo’s Fire. Throughout this year – one film after another of these iconic movies have been celebrating their 30th anniversaries. The Goonies, which originally opened on June 7, 1985 celebrated with a fan-week in Astoria,Oregon, with many events and lots of media coverage. Brat Pack spoke to a whole generation in St. Elmo’s Fire, and this film reaching 30 inspired many press stories looking back on the time and the movement. And the biggest film of 1985 … Back To The Future has received worldwide attention for its Back To The Future Day. In fact, on October 21, Doc and Marty were on the front page of almost every newspaper in the world!

1985 AT THE MOVIES brings them all together!

This is the soundtrack of the era … the soundtrack of the year, for 1985!

The five scores nominated for the Academy Award were Out of Africa by John Barry, Agnes of God by Georges Delerue, The Color Purple by Quincy Jones, Silverado by Bruce Broughton and Witness by Maurice Jarre. The winner was Out of Africa, but they are all here, and together for the first time! James Horner composed one of his most-loved scores for Ron Howard’s Cocoon and Michael Kamen composed an absolute masterpiece for Terry Gilliam’s acclaimed satire Brazil. 1985 saw John Barry compose his second to last James Bond score for A View To A Kill. Included in this deluxe set is The music for Rambo: First Blood Part II was one of Jerry Goldsmith’s biggest hit of all time!

To record this amazing collection of great film music from 1985 we created the Varèse Sarabande Symphony Orchestra, an all-star orchestra made up of the best musicians in Los Angeles. We also included an astounding group of brilliant soloists, including flutist Sara Andon, violinists Belinda Broughton and Bruce Dukov, pianist Mike Lang, saxophonist Dan Higgins and singer Bobbi Page, among others. To conduct this astounding group of musicians we had the great composer David Newman!  Also included are detailed liner notes written by the producer.

To this day, now thirty years later, we instantly return to 1985 when we hear any of these scores. How we cherish those days, and the memories of seeing these films for the first time … some with our best friends, some with family, some with early or even first girlfriends and boyfriends.

One of the biggest entertainment stories of 2015 was looking back to 1985 and remembering what a great year it was at the movies!


1. Back To The Future - Music by Alan Silvestri
2. The Goonies - Music by Dave Grusin
3. St. Elmo’s Fire — Love Theme - Music by David Foster, (Mike Lang - piano)
4. Legend — Re-United - Music by Jerry Goldsmith, Lyrics by John Bettis, (Suzanne Waters - vocal)
5. Return to Oz - Music by David Shire, (Bruce Dukov - violin, Steve Erdody - cello)
6. Lifeforce - Music by Henry Mancini
7. Revolution - Music by John Corigliano, (Sara Andon - flute)
8. Cocoon - Music by James Horner
9. A View To A Kill - Music by John Barry, (Sara Andon - flute)
10. The Color Purple - Music by Quincy Jones, Arranged by John Williams, (Belinda Broughton - violin)
11. Witness — Building The Barn - Music by Maurice Jarre
12. Agnes of God - Music by Georges Delerue, (Sara Andon - flute)
13. Silverado - Music by Bruce Broughton
14. Out of Africa - Music by John Barry
15. Brazil - Music by Michael Kamen
16. Rambo: First Blood Part II - Music by Jerry Goldsmith

Varèse Sarabande Symphony Orchestra Conducted by David Newman


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