Music From The Adventurers

Music From The Adventurers (CD)

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Music from The Adventurers includes the heavy-breathing funk classic "Coming And Going," notable for the female orgasm shrieks over the top of some funky grooves. Everything about this record is sensual, as you should expect from music inspired by Harold Robbins. Ray Brown, as bass player and orchestra leader, is incredible.

This album is a lost funk classic and a favorite of DJs.


1. Polo Pony (4:10)
2. Go Down Dying (4:12)
3. El Lobo’s March (2:52)
4. Wishful Thinking (2:57)
5. Gentle Lover (3:14)
6. Coming And Going (3:29)
7. Fat Cat Strut (6:09)
8. Children’s Games (4:48)
9. Love Theme From “The Adventurers” (2:47)

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