Planet Of The Apes

Planet Of The Apes (CD)

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Director Franklin J. Schaffner's classic science fiction tale of ape versus man. Two US astronauts after crashing their space ship come across a village inhabited not by humans, but by walking and talking apes.

One of Jerry Goldsmith's most iconic scores is given an expanded treatment. Jerry's score was an instant classic when it came out and has left a permanent mark on film audiences ever since.  The cue "The Hunt" is and will always remain one of the most remarkable cues ever written for film and sounds better than ever on our expanded soundtrack. 


1. Twentieth Century Fox Fanfare (:13)
2. Main Title (2:13)
3. Crash Landing (6:40)
4. The Searchers (2:25)
5. The Search Continues (4:55)
6. The Clothes Snatchers (3:09)
7. The Hunt (5:10)
8. A New Mate (1:04)
9. The Revelation (3:20)
10. No Escape (5:39)
11. The Trial (1:45)
12. New Identity (2:24)
13. A Bid For Freedom (2:36)
14. The Forbidden Zone (3:23)
15. The Intruders (1:09)
16. The Cave (1:20)
17. The Revelation, Part 2 (3:15)


Escape From The Planet Of The Apes (1971):
18. Suite (16:27)

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