Elmer Bernstein: The Wild Side

Elmer Bernstein: The Wild Side (CD)

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A blistering jazz album of film music classics! Elmer Bernstein is one of cinema’s most legendary names. He composed To Kill A Mockingbird, The Magnificent Seven, The Great Escape and The Ten Commandments among his couple-hundred film scores.

Bernstein also composed some genuine jazz classics such as Walk On The Wild Side, The Man With The Golden Arm (Frank Sinatra) and Sweet Smell of Success (Tony Curtis), all included here.

Elmer Bernstein: THE WILD SIDE is an all-new studio recording with one of the world’s great Big Bands! Big Band de Canarias from Tenerife in the Canary Islands, featuring internationally acclaimed American flute soloist Sara Andon, performs a historic set of Bernstein standards and special arrangements including Johnny Staccato, The Rat Race, The Age Of Innocence and Ghostbusters! The great Esther Ovejero joins the band to perform Bernstein’s sultry song The Silencers, from the Dean Martin film of the same name. Sara Andon’s solos also include a showstopping performance of Bernstein’s Devil In A Blue Dress.

This album is HOT! It’s FUN! It’s a jazz showcase that really gives everyone a chance to shine, because Elmer Bernstein’s music demands it! The original recordings of many of these pieces featured the likes of Shelly Manne, Shorty Rogers, Pete Candoli, André Previn and John Williams!


1. The Man With The Golden Arm [1955] (3:39)
2. The Rat Race [1960] (2:47)
3. Saints and Sinners [1962] Sara Andon, flute (2:24)
4. Jubilation [1962] (4:25)
5. The Age Of Innocence [1993] Sara Andon, flute (4:33)

The Caretakers [1963]
6. Black Straitjacket (2:52)
7. Birdito Sara Andon, flute (3:02)
8. The Silencers [1966] Esther Ovejero, vocal (2:22)
9. Ghostbusters [1984] Sara Andon, flute (3:35)

Johnny Staccato [1959]
10. Theme (3:00)
11. Night Mood (3:08)
12. Like Having Fun (2:19)
13. Walk A Lonely Street (3:17)
14. Pursuit (2:28)

15. Devil In A Blue Dress [1995] Sara Andon, flute (4:37)
16. Sweet Smell Of Success [1957] (3:16)
17. Walk On The Wild Side [1962] (3:37)

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