Cold Pursuit (CD)

Cold Pursuit (CD)

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Liam Neeson, (Taken, Taken 2-3), returns in this action thriller debuting on over 2,000 screens in the U.S. Neeson stars as a snowplow driver who seeks revenge against drug dealers he thinks killed his son. The music is composed by George Fenton, a five-time Oscar nominated composer, (Gandhi, Cry Freedom, Dangerous Liaisons etc), who has migrated to the small screen in recent years, particularly to work on BBC projects. Fenton has won Emmy awards for his work on The Blue Planet and Planet Earth.


1 Snow Plough
2 Citizen of The Year
3 Cold Pursuit Main Title
4 News of Kyle
5 The Funeral - Turning Away
6 Speedo
7 To The Ravine
8 Limbo Checks Out
9 The Plough & The Jeep - Extended
10 It Just Did
11 Eye to Eye
12 Iced
13 Wingman
14 A Son for a Son
15 Scouting
16 It's About Your Son
17 I'm The Messenger
18 Kidnapped
19 Come and Get It
20 Lost Culture
21 Closing In
22 Turf War at Nels
23 The Aftermath
24 Doing My Job
26 Cold Pursuit End Titles
25 Speedo Remix

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