Rebirth Of Id (CD)

Rebirth Of Id (CD)

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Rebirth of Id is Penka's newest full-length orchestral album. It contains four tone poems, each telling its own story in a different genre (futuristic Sci-Fi dystopia; period drama; supernatural romantic thriller; fantasy). The structure of this exciting new work breaks the mold of Penka's previous concept albums as she strives for innovation in style and form. Just like The Woman Astronaut which Varèse Sarabande released in 2015, Penka's new album is deeply personal and inspired by her journey as an artist and cinematic composer.


EP 1 – Water Over Parched Land
Futuristic Dystopian Sci-Fi
1. Water Over Parched Land
2. Boys In The Salt Flats
3. In A Stunning Upset
4. Where Are You, Mother?
EP 2 – Claire Vick's Sketchbook
Period Romantic Drama
5. Claire Vick's Longing
6. Claire Vick's Regrets
7. Claire Vick's Haunted Heart
8. Claire Vick's Thwarted Hopes
EP 3 – The Piano Music Lover
Supernatural Romantic Thriller
9. Night Visions of the Young Executive
10. Isolation
11. The Piano Music Lover
12. The Church Goes Up In Flames
EP 4 – Higher Me
Fantasy, Sci-Fi/Horror, Action, Drama
13. Glimmer
14. Hideous Monster Rising
15. The Motherland
16. Trains To Moscone (co-composed with Dan Diaz)

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