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JIG is the story of the 40th Irish Dancing World Championships, held in Glasgow in spring 2010. What documentarian Sue Bourne and her cameras discovered was a fascinating, albeit rather weird and wonderful, world that casts a spell on everyone who comes into contact with it. Irish dancing is a global phenomenon and JIG was filmed in the U.S.A. Europe, Russia, Scotland, England and Ireland. The documentary tells the story of a handful of the thousands of dancers — from tiny ten-year-olds to the best of the best — who travel to Scotland to compete for a coveted world title.

Wigs, fake tan, makeup and incredibly expensive dresses. The thrill of the contest with every form of heartbreak and joy in the climax. Remarkable dancing and remarkable stories that will make the world want to JIG!

Music plays an enormous role in JIG, and calls for a release of Patrick Doyle’s score have accompanied all festival screenings of the film so far. Finally, it is available.


1. Opening Jig (1:40)
2. Brogan and Julia (1:08)
3. Little Dancing John (2:16)
4. Moving Joe (2:05)
5. Russian Celts (2:28)
6. So Upside Down (1:49)
7. Arriving In Glasgow (1:21)
8. Three Dancing Rounds (2:13)
9. Joe Bitter Prepares (1:51)
10. Dancing Competition Begins (2:42)
11. Sugarplum Soft Shoe (0:55)
12. Psyching Up (1:33)
13. The Russians Dance (3:05)
14. Sandun’s Results (2:05)
15. Three Girls Present (2:11)
16. Final Results (7:23)
17. Now Is Your Time* Performed by Abigail Doyle (3:11)

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