Electric Horseman, The (CD)

Electric Horseman, The (CD)

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The Electric Horseman is the soundtrack to the 1979 Sydney Pollack film featuring songs by legendary country artist, Willie Nelson, with a score by Dave Grusin. The soundtrack includes the Willie Nelson #1 Country hit “Mammas Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys” among the his 5 album tracks. The second half of the record includes 6 score selections from Grusin, winner of 10 Grammys and an Academy Award for his work.



1. Midnight Rider (Performed by Willie Nelson) (2:52)
2. My Heros Have Always Been Cowboys (Performed by Willie Nelson) (3:05)
3. Mammas Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys (Performed by Willie Nelson) (3:28)
4. So You Think You're A Cowboy (Performed by Willie Nelson) (2:18)
5. Hands On The Wheel! (Performed by Willie Nelson) (2:49)
6. Electro-Phantasma (5:03)
7. Rising Star (Love Theme) (2:34)
8. The Electric Horseman (3:42)
9. Interlude - Tumbleweed Morning (:29)
10. Disco Magic (5:03)
11. Freedom Epilogue (2:19)

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