Hidden Moon

Hidden Moon (CD)

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After a mysterious, beautiful Latin woman named Miranda (Ana Serradilla) makes a dramatic appearance at the funeral of a man, shocking his affluent Southern California family, Victor (Wes Bentley), the man's son, heads to Mexico to find out the truth about the nature of her relationship with his dead father. He finds Miranda in the city of Guanajuato living with another man, Tobias (Osvaldo de León). When Victor confronts Miranda, she denies meeting his father and says they will never hear from her again. If Miranda is telling the truth, what exactly was she doing at Victor's father's funeral? Who is the man that she is living with now? Their confrontation is the beginning of a chain of events where the protagonists will have to solve the dilemma that happens when true love comes twice at the same time.

Academy Award-winning composer Luis Bacalov (Il Postino) provides a heartwarming romantic score.



1. Hidden Moon (Luna Escondida Love Theme) (4:21)
2. Miranda’s Broken Heart (1:44)
3. Returning To Guanajuato (1:53)
4. When The Flame Goes Out (2:32)
5. Welcome Home (1:51)
6. Please Forgive Me (3:41)
7. My Parents’ Love Story (2:30)
8. Tobías’ Serenade (El Vaivén de la Vida) (2:43)
9. When The Past Haunts The Present (4:02)
10. Through The Kissing Alley (2:15)
11. I Still Love You (1:39)
12. Making Candles (1:12)
13. Best Friends (Como Me Gusta) (2:47)
14. Victor’s Surprise (1:51)
15. Falling In Love In Veracruz (¿Por qué?) (2:07)
16. Beautiful View Of The Moon (2:12)
17. Life Is Not A Dream (4:31)
18. Alone In Jail (2:03)
19. Victor’s Defeat (1:25)
20. Miranda’s Confession (3:12)
21. We Belong To Each Other (Para Poder Vivir) (2:50)
22. Breaking Someone Else’s Heart (1:01)
23. Tobías Gives His Heart (2:33)
24. Even If I Don’t See You Again (2:01)
25. What Love Really Is (4:07)
26. Where Is The Moon? Apolonia’s Theme (Lamento Huapango) (5:50)
27. Have You Ever Seen The Moon? (3:09)

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