Varèse Sarabande: 40 Years of Great Film Music 1978-2018 (CD)

Varèse Sarabande: 40 Years of Great Film Music 1978-2018 (CD)

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A celebratory collection of the biggest composers and albums to grace the Varese catalog during an unparalleled 40-year history as the preeminent soundtrack label. The greatest composers; Bernard Herrmann, Alex North and Jerry Goldsmith of Hollywood’s Golden Age to the Modern Age of Hans Zimmer, James Horner and Brian Tyler. These composers and more are represented with some of their finest compositions; Vertigo, Spartacus, Aliens, Driving Miss Daisy, The Matrix, The Omen, Whiplash and Star Trek.


Disc 1
1. The Adventures Of Robin Hood: Main Title / Coronation Procession (Erich Wolfgang Korngold) - Varujan Kojian, Utah Symphony Orchestra (4:44)
2. Witness: Building The Barn (Maurice Jarre) (5:00)
3. Raising Arizona: Way Out There (Carter Burwell) (1:56)
4. The Right Stuff: Yeager’s Triumph (Bill Conti) - Bill Conti, London Symphony Orchestra (5:13)
5. Aliens: Futile Escape (James Horner) - Cliff Eidelman, Royal Scottish National Orchestra (5:48)
6. The Milagro Beanfield War: Theme (from Screen Themes) (Dave Grusin) - John Scott, Royal Philharmonic Orchestra (4:00)
7. Peggy Sue Got Married: Peggy Sue’s Homecoming (John Barry) (3:28)
8. My Left Foot: Mother (Elmer Bernstein) (3:39)
9. The Secret Garden: Colin Opens His Eyes (Zbigniew Preisner) (2:02)
10. A Little Princess: The Good-Bye (Patrick Doyle) (4:19)
11. The Player: The Player (Thomas Newman) (3:08)
12. Pee-wee’s Big Adventure: Breakfast Machine (Danny Elfman) - John Coleman, National Philharmonic Orchestra (2:38)
13. Back To The Future, Part III: End Credits (Alan Silvestri) (4:03)
14. Agnes Of God: End Credits (Georges Delerue) - David Newman, Varèse Sarabande Symphony Orchestra • Sara Andon, flute (3:27)
15. Driving Miss Daisy: End Titles (Hans Zimmer) (4:53)
16. Father Of The Bride: Main Title (Alan Silvestri) (2:29)
17. Emma: Theme (Rachel Portman) - Joel McNeely, Royal Scottish National Orchestra (2:58)
18. Unfaithful (Jan A.P. Kaczmarek) (2:36)
19. Elf: Buddy’s Journey (John Debney) (2:39)
20. Pleasantville: Real Rain (Randy Newman) (4:35)
21. Rudy: Main Title (Jerry Goldsmith) (3:37)

Disc 2
1. Spartacus: Main Title (Alex North) (3:18)
2. Vertigo: Prelude And Rooftop (Bernard Herrmann) (4:42)
3. 2001: A Space Odyssey: Space Station Docking (Alex North) - Jerry Goldsmith, National Philharmonic Orchestra (2:23)
4. The Matrix: Main Title / Trinity Infinity (Don Davis) (3:51)
5. The Omen: Ave Satani (Jerry Goldsmith) (2:34)
6. The Crow: Birth Of A Legend (Graeme Revell) (3:10)
7. Scream: Sydney’s Lament (Marco Beltrami) (1:39)
8. The Sixth Sense: De Profundis (James Newton Howard) (2:23)
9. The Last Of The Mohicans: Main Title (Trevor Jones) - Joel McNeely, Royal Scottish National Orchestra (1:53)
10. Nanny McPhee: Snow In August (Patrick Doyle) (7:03)
11. Million Dollar Baby: Blue Morgan (Clint Eastwood) (4:30)
12. Cast Away: End Credits (Alan Silvestri) (3:46)
13. Lost: Season 4: There’s No Place Like Home (Michael Giacchino) (2:35)
14. L.A. Confidential: Bloody Christmas (Jerry Goldsmith) (2:52)
15. Rush Hour 2: Main Title (Lalo Schifrin) (2:22)
16. Fast Five: Fast Five (Brian Tyler) (3:05)
17. The Bourne Supremacy: Bim Bam Smash (John Powell) (5:09)
18. House Of Cards: Theme (Jeff Beal) (1:51)
19. Sicario: The Beast (Johann Johannsson) (3:15)
20. Whiplash: Overture (Justin Hurwitz) (3:20)
21. Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri: Mildred Goes To War (Carter Burwell) (1:24)
22. Shrek: Transformation and The End (Harry Gregson-Williams and John Powell) (3:27)
23. How To Train Your Dragon: This Is Berk (John Powell) (4:12)
24. Star Trek: Enterprising Young Men (Michael Giacchino) (2:42)

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