Air Force One: The Deluxe Edition (2-CD)

Air Force One: The Deluxe Edition (2-CD)

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The #1 most requested CD Club title is finally here! Air Force One: The Deluxe Edition with music composed and conducted by Jerry Goldsmith. 46 tracks across 2 CD's!

In scores resounding with patriotic brass and militaristic action, Jerry Goldsmith memorably saluted America’s brothers in arms. His themes embodied generals in service to God and country (Patton, MacArthur), men fighting for survival in an America gone astray (First Blood, Capricorn One), an analyst pitted against enemies both foreign and domestic (The Sum of All Fears) and a peace-seeking president combating a coup (Seven Days in May). But no noble warrior that Goldsmith accompanied had faced the impossible odds of a commander-in-chief evading terrorists aboard 1997’s Air Force One. Demanding all of the excitement, emotion and suspense that Goldsmith could muster in a mostly confined setting, it was a film that put the composer in his own heroic race against time. Recorded in a span of only three weeks, (with additional music from Joel McNeely), Air Force One stands out as one of the signature highlights in Jerry Goldsmith’s unparalleled career.

In this action drama, Harrison Ford plays James Marshall, a onetime combat hero in the Vietnam War who is now President of the United States. Communist Radicals hijack Air Force One with Marshall and his family on board. The President must use his strength and intelligence to keep the terrorists at bay and devise a plan to allow his family to escape to safety, while on the ground the vice-president (Glenn Close), the secretary of defense (Dean Stockwell), and the attorney general (Philip Baker Hall) grapple over what to do and how much control to take in this crisis.


Limited Edition of 4000 copies

Deluxe Edition Produced for Varèse Sarabande Records by Cary E. Mansfield and Bryon Davis
Mastered by Chas Ferry
Master assembly Chas Ferry and Bruce Botnick
Art Direction for Varèse Sarabande Records: Mark Shoolery with help from Bill Pitzonka
Liner Notes by Daniel Schweiger


1. The Parachutes (2:08)*
2. Parachute Attack (3:25)*
3. The Motorcade (2:43)*
4. Guided Tour (1:27)*
5. No Security (3:09)*
6. Gibbs Fires (0:33)**
7. The Hijacking, Part One & Two (7:52)*
8. Empty Capsule (2:37)
9. Empty Hall, Downstairs, Hanging About (1:38)
10. Terms (2:36)
11. Stalking The Plane (1:54)
12. Empty Rooms (4:16)*
13. Get To Work (0:58)
14. K.V. & The Hostages (1:15)
15. NSA Is Shot (1:17)**
16. Mother Russia (1:30)
17. Marshall On Phone (1:37)**
18. Target Air Force One (2:40)**
19. Plane On The Ground (1:07)
20. Marshall’s Plan (0:54) **
21. The First Hostage (2:50)
22. K.V. Lectures (0:27)**
23. Dumping Fuel (2:29)**
24. Fuel’s On Its Way (1:03)***
25. Fax To The White House (1:19)**
26. Escape In Process (0:39)**
27. Where Is The President? (0:43)**

1. Free Flight (4:54)*
2. Hostage President (4:00) *
3. I’ll Do It 1:22)**
4. Sign It! (2:04)**
5. Get Off My Plane! (4:51)
6. Radek’s Release (with Chorus) (1:42)
7. The Dogfight (4:14)**
8. Air Force One In Trouble (3:14)**
9. Escape From Air Force One (5:29)
10. Welcome Aboard (2:10)*
11. End Credits (6:01)
12. Parachute Attack (Film Version) (3:24)
13. The Hijacking, Part One & Two (Film Version) (7:51)
14. K.V. & The Hostages (Film Version) (1:29)
15. Marshall’s Plan (Film Version) (1:05)
16. K.V. Lectures (Film Version) (0:32)
17. Sign It (Alternate Take) (2:08)
18. Get Off My Plane (Film Version) (4:51)
19. Air Force One In Trouble (Alternate Take) (3:15)

* Originally released on the Varèse Sarabande Records soundtrack VSD-5825, 1997
** Music Composed by Jerry Goldsmith and Joel McNeely
*** Music composed by Joel McNeely


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