Varese CD Club - Jerry Goldsmith "City Hall"  & Alan Silvestri "Mouse Hunt" - CD Bundle

Varese CD Club - Jerry Goldsmith "City Hall" & Alan Silvestri "Mouse Hunt" - CD Bundle

Release Date: September 1, 2023
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City Hall Description:
City Hall was a well-regarded 1996 suspense drama exploring crime and corruption in New York City. After a child is killed by a stray bullet, the city’s idealistic deputy mayor (John Cusack) is determined to find out how the criminal involved was still on the streets. But his investigation unearths a web of sleaze and payoffs that leaves no part of the city untouched—including his boss, the mayor (Al Pacino).

Mouse Hunt Description:

Mouse Hunt (1997) was a slapstick black comedy about two hapless brothers (Nathan Lane and Lee Evans) who inherit a mansion—but cannot exterminate the wily mouse who lives there. Written by Adam Rifkin and directed by Gore Verbinski (Pirates of the Caribbean, Rango), Mouse Hunt was the first comedy released by DreamWorks, and a charming commercial success.



City Hall Features:
Varèse Sarabande’s long-awaited Deluxe Edition debuts a 16-track, 34-minute program of the score as heard in the film itself; a 6-track, 10-minute selection of previously unreleased alternates; and the 12-track, 30-minute sequence of the original 1996 Varèse Sarabande CD.

Mouse Hunt Features:
Varèse Sarabande released the Mouse Hunt soundtrack at the time of the film in a 30-minute program. This long-awaited Deluxe Edition premieres an expanded program of 44 tracks totaling 66 minutes.



City Hall:

1 The Bridge (Film Version)
2 The Meet (Film Version)
3 The Hospital
4 Find Vinnie
5 The Funeral
6 When I Was A Kid (Film Version)
7 The Cabin
8 The King Maker (Film Version)
9 Call Me / Dead In The Water
10 Schwartz Is Dead (Film Version)
11 Old Friends (Film Version)
12 Think About It
13 The Report
14 About The Mayor
15 Take A Vacation (Film Version)
16 Count On It / End Credits Suite


17 The Hospital (Alternate)
18 The Funeral (Alternate)
19 The Cabin (Alternate)
20 The King Maker (Alternate)
21 Take A Vacation (Alternate)
22 Count On It (Alternate)


23 The Bridge
24 The Meet
25 The Hospital
26 When I Was A Kid
27 The Cabin
28 The King Maker
29 Old Friends
30 Swartz Is Dead
31 Think About It
32 The Report
33 Take A Vacation
34 Count On It

Mouse Hunt:

1 Funeral Prologue
2 Main Title
3 Also, A House
4 Chez Ernie
5 Lobster Biblioteque
6 Walking Crouton / Love The Almonds
7 Dying Wish
8 Out On The Street
9 Together Again
10 I’ll Be Home For Christmas
11 Home Sweet Dump
12 Meet The Mouse
13 Charles Lyle LaRue
14 Falko / Ten Million Dollars
15 All Thru The House / Setting The Trap / Clang!
16 Mouse
17 Cheese Wheel
18 Nail Gun
19 Hot Tubbogan
20 Mousetrap Minefield
21 Cherry Catapult / Cherry Spin
22 Shit Explosion
23 City Pound / Catzilla
24 Catzilla Emerges / Ebony And Ivory
25 Ernie Finds Contract
26 Cat Trap / Roach Mobile
27 You’re The Intruder
28 Loose Thread
29 Cesar Searches / Evidence Found Calcium Deficiency
30 Silent Movie
31 Lars Au Natural / Caesar’s Big Drag
32 Face Walk / Caesar’s Truck
33 Sandwich To Go / Ernie Settles In / Ouch!
34 Shotgun Chase
35 Floor Collapse / Hate That Mouse
36 Brotherly Betrayal / I Hate You
37 Insufficient Postage
38 Return To Sender / Mouse On Podium
39 There He Is!
40 Flaming Doo
41 Water Pressure
42 LaRue Ruins / Sad Drive / Factory Brothers
43 String Cheese
44 End Credits

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