Wedding Bell Blues (CD)

Wedding Bell Blues (CD)

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 This romantic comedy from 1996 has songs from the film. 


1. Wedding Bell Blues Performed by Arabella Alexander (3:52)
2. Lay That Top Down Performed by Eric Hamilton Band (2:58)
3. Kidding Performed by Arabella Alexander (3:42)
4. Wishing Well Performed by Julianna Raye (3:40)
5. Sea Of Love Performed by Lonesome Romeos (4:09)
6. Fly Performed by Susan Stovall (4:14)
7. Cloud Eyes Performed by QKuma Zoo  (3:47)
8. Danny’s Island Performed by Danny Lerman (5:19)
9. Sonny’s Day Performed by Lonesome Romeos (3:55)
10. The Cherry Orchards Of Ukrania Performed by Izhar Ashdot, Ohad Dekel and Tal Bergman (7:17)

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