Woman Astronaut, The (CD)

Woman Astronaut, The (CD)

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THE WOMAN ASTRONAUT is an original concept album, presented in a cinematic orchestral-electronica style, telling the story of the life journey of an astronaut: adolescence-homeland, young adult, and maturity. Penka Kouneva is a female composer living in Los Angeles who has worked for Hollywood's greatest composers on some of the biggest film scores. Her latest project is her most exciting adventure and it's all her own! THE WOMAN ASTRONAUT is an epic musical journey that explores the infinity of space and the reaches of the human experience itself -- ambition, perseverance, love and destiny. This unique album features a stunningly talented group of musicians, including some of the greatest soloists in Los Angeles.



1. Earth — featuring Lili Haydn, violin (5:00)
2. Starry Way (3:43)
3. The Forest — featuring Sara Andon, flutes (2:40)
4. Land Of Burning Fields — featuring Andrew Duckles, viola (2:10)
5. Looking Up — featuring Katia Popov, violin (2:45)

6. Training — co-composed with Jeff Broadbent (3:50)
7. Broken — featuring Mike Lang, piano (2:21)
8. Taking Flight — featuring Sara Andon, flutes (4:55)
9. Alarm and Rescue (2:15)

10. In Space — featuring Ayana Haviv, voice, and Nathan Barr, bowed guitar-viol (4:07)
11. Insomnia — featuring Lili Haydn, violin, and Mike Lang, piano (3:45)
12. Siren — co-composed with Christopher Lord (3:30)
13. Goodbyes In Zero Gravity — featuring Lili Haydn, violin (3:19)
14. Solar Flare (4:00)

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