On Deadly Ground: The Deluxe Edition (CD)

On Deadly Ground: The Deluxe Edition (CD)

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Another very special and much-requested title worthy of our 40th Anniversary Celebration. We had such a special relationship with Basil Poledouris. Varèse Sarabande was his home.

On Deadly Ground is one of Basil’s greatest action scores. We have expanded the original 30:00 CD selection to a truly epic 79:00!! This is powerhouse Poledouris and not to be missed! New liner notes feature director and star Steven Seagal discussing Basil Poledouris.

Forrest Taft (Steven Seagal) is putting his considerable talents as a fighter and marksman to use as a hired gun for the sleazy oil tycoon Michael Jennings (Michael Caine). The latter's bottom-line tunnel vision has him destroying entire communities if it means a bigger profit for his business. While in Alaska taking care of some business for his amoral boss, however, Taft meets a native Eskimo woman (Joan Chen) who helps him to discover the error of his ways and pursue a more righteous path.

Limited Edition of 2000 copies



1. Main Titles (2:21)
2. Aegis Flameout (1:44)
3. Fire Out (1:56)
4. Forrest Doesn’t Fight (1:22)
5. Kill Hugh (2:30)
6. Hugh Torture (4:33)
7. Forrest Blown Up (3:07)
8. Forrest Found (1:37)
9. Chief Meets Forrest (3:18)
10. The Journey (7:56)
11. The Chief Is Shot (5:03)
12. Snowmobile Ride (1:56)
13. Gunfight At Hugh’s (1:40)
14. The Mercs / Forest Decides (3:08)
15. Safe House / Chopper Explosion (4:34)
16. Horse Chase (2:20)
17. Forrest Enters Aegis (3:47)
18. Lights Out (4:17)
19. Mutiny / Setting The Bombs (4:43)
20. Jennings Goes Down (Extended Version) (5:57)
21. The Warning (4:08)
22. End Credits (3:15)

Additional Music:
23. The Journey (Alternate Segment) (2:51)
24. Seagal/Nasso Logo (:15)

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